April 26, The Story of Ying Ying. I await the moon on the western porch,. Flower shadows stir, brushing the wall—. I wonder if this is my lover coming. Yuan Zhen, “Biography of Yingying. In the Zhen-yuan Reign there was a certain man named Zhang, of a gentle nature and handsome appearance. He held steadfastly to his personal principles and refused to become involved in anything improper. Sometimes a group of friends would go off to a party and behave riotously.

Matchmaking, Beijing-Style

Our members joined different matchmaking sessions with Chinese companies looking for new cooperations. Our members also experienced a very unique way to explore the city; by side-car! Ed Barzilaij told us his inspiring story about doing business in Asia. Next day we were going back to China as we were invited by technology giant, Huawei, to visit their HQ in Shenzhen. Edwin Diender, who told us more about Huawei and showed us around on the Huawei premises.

We were all very much impressed by his story, the technologies that were demonstrated and felt humble because of the very warm welcome and VIP treatment that we received.

Popular one day tours in Beijing can include Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Mutianyu Great.

Even Chinese parents find matchmaking corners embarrassing, though a “necessary evil”. Zhu, adds. It is p. The surge in interest has irritated regulars. Zhu believes that some are simply embarrassed about being seen. Situated in the northernmost section of the park, up against the year-old moat encircling the Forbidden City, the Zhongshan marriage market feels like an open secret.

Zhu and his daughter are among the few attendees willing to talk openly about the matchmaking corner. Zhu tells TWOC. Li, a year-old entrepreneur from Hunan, is friendly when TWOC approaches, perhaps because he has other concerns on his mind. His cynicism may be due to the fact he has been coming to the matchmaking corner for eight years with no success.

Iran’s regime-approved matchmaking website promotes dating with traditional values

Matchmaking events are held in many cities, but many are only attended by parents looking for potential spouses for their children Good looks, hukou household registration, fertility are among the qualities most valued by parents The ancient tradition of arranged marriages has continued until today as seen in matchmaking TV shows. People read about potential spouses at a matchmaking event in Shijingshan, Beijing. Both holding placards highlighting their single daughters’ most attractive qualities, one desperate mother said to another, “If I had known she would not find a boyfriend, I would’ve never encouraged her to study abroad.

Every day, groups of concerned parents with unmarried children gather in the park, using the public space to display their children’s information, in hope of making a suitable match. Walking around the park, one can see cards that read “stable job,” “Beijing hukou household registration ” or “no bad habits.

Shang and his troops try to follow the Huns into the palace but are unsuccessful. After being told off by the matchmaker and ultimately loosing all confidence in city of Beijing, with it’s center being The Forbidden City or the Imperial palace.

Mawage, mawage, is what brings us together today. On a Sunday in Peking, we came across a curious crowd of retired citizenry at Zhongshan Park. Across the outer moat of the Forbidden City, four rows of parents, a few hundred in all, mingled beneath ancient trees above sheets of paper, on these written the basic personal details of their child to catch the eye of a future in-law passing bay.

This is a true existential fear among many Chinese families to this day, especially for generations who lived through the era of One-Child Policy. Just about every Spring Festival among my own relatives there is the inevitable conversation in which a meddling relation will bring up the questions of marriage, and while on the subject why not find a girlfriend in Shanghai. Despite having only spent one-year total of my life in Shanghai, a woman from the ancestral hometown of my Chinese-side would obviously be an ideal match.

Matchmaking has a long tradition in East Asia and can be serious business. Matchmakers, usually a local old crone, often make an appearance in traditional Chinese stories and novels such as the erotic Golden Lotus and the heroic Water Margin. There are few community-based matchmakers anymore and many parents have taken matters into their own hands or outsource the work to a modern commercial professional.

A little bit like a low tech version of Tinder except that your parents are doing the swiping. I can only imagine the conversations that go on. He runs into Mrs. Wang whose son is also in Seattle. She impresses Mr.

Hitch in finding a marriage partner

Modern hun li are held more lively with more variation in style. There are many traditions in this multi-ethnic country. The bride is her most beautiful on hun li. The railroad costumes range from cheongsam to Western-style gowns and veils. The bride and bridegroom exchange rings with each other, which represent vows of love.

calligraphy format and mp3 pinyin pronunciation, English interpretations: Forbidden City. used in Feng Shui, Horoscope, Matchmaking, and Fortune Telling.

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Chinese Paper-Cut

Beijing, the capital city of China, famous for housing many traditional and vibrant national treasures. The city received an effective rejuvenation for conducting the Olympics and now is praised for its improved infrastructure. There is so much to see and explore this fascinating city that guarantees vastly improved safety for tourists, especially women and children.

Beijing, Forbidden Palace, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall of China, Li Yuan Theater, Summer Palace, Beijing Markets, Beijing Art Galleries, Lijiang, Jade Spring.

In Beijing, a public park is a prominent hub for seniors seeking new life partners. The river that runs through the park is the Jinshui River from Tiananmen Square. The park, only meters feet long, is Changpu River Park. The small park is quiet, sheltered from the bustling Tiananmen Road which requires an underpass for pedestrians to cross by a large, red wall.

The majority of those who frequent the park are in their 60s and 70s, although there are outliers on either end, including those well into their 80s. In my trips to the park, I encountered a good number of divorcees, as well as widows and widowers. There are also those whose partners are chronically ill or debilitated. Others still, a minority within this minority, are those who have never married. China is facing an unprecedented aging population.

The Schedule

Lin Binyu’s criteria would appear pretty straightforward as Chinese singles ads go, except that he’s on the prowl not for himself, but for his son. And he’s looking not in the newspaper or online, but at the local park, where every Sunday he can meet hundreds of other parents just as anxious to find spouses for wayward children who somehow made it to their mids without getting married. In China’s thriving big cities, young adults on the modern career track are getting married later and later, and these parents in Beijing aren’t putting up with it anymore – whether the children like it or not.

The matchmaking is traditional Chinese society’s answer to the complications of the modern world, and it’s fitting that it should take place in a city park, where urban China’s retiring set seek daily refuge from the traffic and congestion of cities they would not recognize from their youth. On any of four days each week, parents go to one of three Beijing parks to play matchmaker, and the numbers are growing now that Chinese media outlets have spotlighted the months-old practice.

The weekly Sunday gathering at Zhongshan is probably the largest, with close to 1, parents mingling on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Ever since first hearing about the matchmaking scene in Beijing’s of tulips and, on the other side, with the moat of the Forbidden City.

We’ll be walking about 6 km that’s about 3. The total walk will be about two to three hours and we’ll have plenty of opportunities along the way if anybody needs to get some water or grab a snack. The Temple of Heaven features some of the most iconic architecture in Beijing. It is also one of the city’s largest public parks and a gathering place for Beijingers of all ages. During this two-hour walk, we will explore the Temple of Heaven complex and discuss its ritual and historical significance.

We will also examine the connections between past and present and how ancient forms of political legitimacy linger into the 21st century.

China Forbidden City