This paper aims to provide an overview concerning the optically stimulated luminescence OSL dating method and its applications for geomorphological research in France. An outline of the general physical principles of luminescence dating is given. A case study of fluvial sands from the lower terrace of the Moselle valley is then presented to describe the range of field and laboratory procedures required for successful luminescence dating. The paper also reviews the place of OSL dating in geomorphological research in France and assesses its potential for further research, by focusing on the diversity of sedimentary environments and topics to which it can be usefully applied. Hence it underlines the increasing importance of the method to geomorphological research, especially by contributing to the development of quantitative geomorphology. They are now largely used to date not only palaeontological or organic remains, but also minerals that characterise detrital clastic sedimentary material. The most common methods applied to minerals are cosmogenic radionuclides, electron spin resonance ESR and luminescence techniques. The latter were first applied to burned minerals from archaeological artefacts [thermoluminescence TL method]. Improvements of this technique led to the development, for more than twenty years, of the optical dating method [commonly referred to as Optically Stimuled Luminescence OSL ] which is now applied to sediments from various origins Wintle,


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The most commonly used minerals for luminescence dating are quartz and K-​feldspar. The underlying principle of luminescence and IR-RF is the storage of.

The impact of cyber dating abuse on self-esteem: The mediating role of emotional distress. This study examined how emotional distress mediated the relationship between cyber dating abuse and self-esteem. Self-report assessments of cyber dating abuse, self-esteem, and emotional distress from the relationship were completed. Mediation analysis using multiple regressions revealed a full mediation model. Cyber dating abuse predicted lowered self-esteem and greater emotional distress.

However, when emotional distress was entered as a predictor of self-esteem, cyber dating abuse became non-significant, indicating full mediation. Early-onset of dating was also a risk factor for cyber dating abuse and emotional distress. Few gender differences were evident. These findings add to the growing body of evidence on the negative effects of cyber dating abuse and suggest that distressing emotional reactions may underlie the deleterious consequences of this form of abuse.

Keywords: Adolescent dating relationships; cyber dating violence; self-esteem; emotional distress; emerging adulthood. Unfortunately, not all individuals receive such benefits from their intimate relationships. The pervasive use of technology among youth has further complicated abusive behaviors in the dating context. Research examining cyber dating abuse has increased considerably in recent years, but to date, most studies are descriptive in nature and there remain many unanswered questions about the effects of cyber dating abuse on adjustment.

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The infrared radiofluorescence IR-RF dating technique was applied to eight fluvial samples that were collected from two sediment cores at the Heidelberg Basin located near Viernheim and Ludwigshafen in southwest Germany. Based on the IR-RF derived ages of the samples it was possible to establish a chronological framework for the Mid-Pleistocene fluvial deposits of the Heidelberg Basin. The results allow us to distinguish between four main periods of aggradation.

Hence, the measured IR-RF ages clearly point to a deposition during the Lower Saalian period OIS 9—8 whereas earlier studies assumed a Cromerian age for the sediments of the Upper Interlayer based on pollen records and also mollusc fauna. The new IR-RF dataset indicates that significant hiatuses are present within the fluvial sediment successions.

In situ dating of K-rich minerals, e.g. micas and K-feldspar, by the Rb–Sr isotopic system is a new development RF matching, V, , , , ,

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Optical dating of sediment using optically stimulated luminescence has become important for studying Earth surface processes, and this technique continues to.

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Background: We examined the relationship of the number of adverse childhood experiences ACE score to six health problems among four successive birth cohorts dating back to to assess the strength and consistency of these relationships in face of secular influences the 20th century brought in changing health behaviors and conditions.

Methods: A retrospective cohort study of 17, adult health maintenance organization HMO members who completed a survey about childhood abuse and household dysfunction, as well as their health. We used logistic regression to examine the relationships between ACE score and six health problems depressed affect, suicide attempts, multiple sexual partners, sexually transmitted diseases, smoking, and alcoholism across four successive birth cohorts: , , , and Conclusions: Growing up with ACEs increased the risk of numerous health behaviors and outcomes for 20th century birth cohorts, suggesting that the effects of ACEs on the risk of various health problems are unaffected by social or secular changes.

Research showing detrimental and lasting neurobiologic effects of child abuse on the developing brain provides a plausible explanation for the consistency and dose-response relationships found for each health problem across birth cohorts, despite changing secular influences. Abstract Background: We examined the relationship of the number of adverse childhood experiences ACE score to six health problems among four successive birth cohorts dating back to to assess the strength and consistency of these relationships in face of secular influences the 20th century brought in changing health behaviors and conditions.

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Roberts , University of Wollongong Follow. Schaarschmidt, M. Quaternary Geochronology, 49 Reliable chronologies are essential for understanding the timing and routes of human dispersal through Southeast Asia, both of which remain open questions. This study provides luminescence chronologies for two archaeological sites in Myanmar-Badahlin Cave and Gu Myaung Cave-from which Palaeolithic artefacts have been recovered.

We applied single-grain post-infrared infrared stimulated luminescence pIRIR and multi-grain infrared-radiofluorescence IR-RF dating methods to potassium-rich feldspar K-feldspar grains extracted from the sedimentary deposits at these two sites. Luminescence characteristics of the K-feldspar extracts showed that the procedures were well suited for dating. The ages obtained using the IR-RF signal are even older, which we attribute to insufficient bleaching of this signal-and perhaps also the pIRIR signal-and the probable existence of a substantial residual dose at the time of sediment deposition.

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Paracoccidioidomycosis is an acute – to chronic systemic mycosis caused by fungi of the genus Paracoccidioides. Due to its frequent tegument clinical expression, paracoccidioidomycosis is an important disease for dermatologists, who must be up-to-date about it. This article focuses on recent epidemiological data and discusses the new insights coming from molecular studies, as well as those related to clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

In the latter section, we give particular attention to the guideline on paracoccidioidomycosis organized by specialists in this subject.

USNR is a leading supplier of systems for the manufacture of engineered wood products using RF gluing technology, dating back several.

Portable Spectrofluorimeter for non-invasive analysis of cultural heritage artworks using LED sources. Luminescence spectroscopy – Spatially resolved luminescence – Time resolved luminescence – Electron spin resonance ESR. Flint and heated rocks – Ceramics and pottery – Unheated rock surfaces – Tooth enamel and quartz grains – Sediment dating. LexEva is a newly released evaluation software developed for analysis in luminescence research and dating.

Infrared-Radiofluorescence IR-RF is a technique for dosimetric dating of potassium feldspar to establish sedimentation ages. This method avoids some of the problems of other trapped-charge techniques, which employ the signal from recombination, by measuring the IR-signal from an electron capture at luminescence traps during ionization. Radiation Measurements 47,

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